Highly Skilled IT Support

At RED21 you will only find highly skilled professionals with current industry certifications, academic qualifications and years of experience.
The result is high quality support resolving issues sooner enabling your business to get back to work.


Fixed Price Support Plans

Many IT providers offer monthly support plans but may have shortfall or catch up payments making it impossible to keep your IT costs within a budget.
RED21 have thrown out all the rules and offer truly Fixed Price Support Plans. RED21 will analyse your business technology needs and custom design a plan to suit.
Your IT support costs will be a fixed monthly fee, assisting cash flow, budgets and time.


Compare RED21 support plans versus other IT Providers.



Fixed Price for all IT Support. No Extra Costs. No Catch up Fees
Only skilled Technical IT Advice
Only Skilled Technical Sales
Server recovery from Hardware or Software Failure
Labour to replace or recover any existing business PC
As many onsite visits as required to fix critical IT issues that cannot be done remotely
Remote Management and Monitoring
Scheduled site visits
Basic Site Documentation
24×7 Phone, e-mail or online ticketing submission
After Business Hours Scheduled Maintenance
Emergency Phone Hotline for Immediate Assistance



Public Cloud Services

Office365, XERO, iFIRM, Box and many other public cloud services have emerged into the mainstream, offering access to e-mail, accounting, file storage and more, without having to own or maintain your own servers. Low entry cost and monthly subscriptions can allow for better cash flow and lower overall IT costs.

RED21 can advise your business on services that could benefit and implement these services.


Private Cloud Services

Telstra, Optus, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and other private cloud services are changing in-house IT service delivery. Private cloud services generally means your business still needs to own and maintain servers, but will move some or all of them offsite. The economy of scale that these huge companies offer means prices have never been more competitive.

RED21 offer advice, implementation and support of these services ensuring that your business is making the right decisions, without paying too much.



RED21 pledge to our customers, to procure hardware, software or cloud services with no mark up. RED21 will provide quotes and prices direct from the manufacturer, supplier or retailer.

At RED21, service is our only product.


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